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230. A STERLING SILVER AND LEATHER MEGILLAH CASE WITH AN ILLUMINATED MEGILLAH BY ILYA SCHOR. New York, 1961. The case with three applications of sterling silver. The first on the bottom is engraved with faces alternating with Yiddish epithets relating to Purim. The main band in the midsection is decorated with King Achashverosh, Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew in Schor-esque fashion alternating with vines and roundels on which each is named. The final sterling silver application is on the lid, which is engraved with a picture of a young woman holding a shalach manot with excerpts from the megillah, and roundels with masks. The case is 11.7 ” tall, signed I Schor in Hebrew and English and 1961. The megillah was most likely written in Poland approximately in 1880 in Beys Yosef Ashkenaz Ksav. There is wear and fading throughout. It is painted with several Ilya Schor colorful paintings including the King, Esther and Mordecai as well as whimsical designs throughout the megillah. 10.7” tall.