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229. A RARE AND IMPORTANT STERLING SILVER AND GOLD FESTIVAL GOBLET AND MATCHING PLATE BY ILYA SCHOR. New York, 1957. The decoration on the plate consists of the following: “Chag Hamatzot, Zman Cheritaynu, followed by a Hasidic man with a bundle of wheat, ” Chag Hashavuot Hazeh, Zman matan Torataynu, followed by a Hasidic man holding a crown, Chag Hasukkot, Zman Simchateynu followed by a Hasidic man holding a spice box, Shmini Chag Hatzeret Hazeh followed by a Hasidic water carrier, Mikra Kodesh Zecher Letziot Mitzrayim, followed by a Hasidic man holding a candle. The center is engraved Moadim Lesimcha, Chagim uzmanim Lesason. Further decorated with five gold clasps. Signed I. Schor in English and Hebrew, a bird and 1957. 5.2” wide. The goblet has a round base with typical Schor lattice work with a decorative band mid section decorated with gold applications and flowers. On the inside base on the upper wine section is engraved with a Jewish woman lighting Sabbath candles in front of her daughter while both covering their respective eyes. The body of the cup is engraved in Hebrew with the Festival blessing and hasidic men in various religious states including: holding a lulav, holding a Torah, in prayer, reciting kiddush, as well as a Jewish woman holding two Sabbath candles. Further decorated with five roundels of Jewish children in various modes. Engraved on the base with I.Schor in English and Hebrew with a bird. 5.2” tall.