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186. A RARE AND IMPORTANT HANUKKAH LAMP. Safed, 19th century. Wall form. The backplate hand cut and decorated with a stag, two lions a double headed eagle, flowers, flowing designs and several lengthy Hebrew inscriptions including those from Ethics of the Fathers 5:21 “Be strong as a leopard, and swift as an eagle, and fleet as a gazelle, and brave as a lion, to do the will of your Father who is in heaven”. Further inscribed: THE LIGHT OF MITZVAH TO ELEVATE THE SOUL OF MY FATHER RABBI MOSHE AARON SON OF EPHRAIM, OF BLESSED MEMORY. YEHUDA SON OF RENIMAH OMER AND MY MOTHER MIRS CHAYA ITA DAUGHTER OF RABBI YITZCHAK ISAAC, LIGHT OF THE TORAH. TO LIGHT THE LIGHT OF HANUKKAH. I AM BARUCH REICHMANN IN THE HOLY CITY OF SAFED THAT SHOULD SPEEDILY BE REBUILT. 8.2” wide x 8.3” tall.