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210. AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE SILVER CHEVRA KADISCHA CHARITY CONTAINER. Warsaw, 1830. Engraved in Hebrew with dedication “THIS WAS BROUGHT HIGH (IN HOLINESS)In the year 1830, TO THE BURIAL SOCIETY HERE IN WARSAW, FROM THE BLESSINGS THAT REMAINED (INHERITANCE) FROM THE WOMAN SUPPORTER (IMPORTANT WOMAN THAT SUPPORTED THE COMMUNITY) MRS. GITEL, OF BLESSED MEMORY, THE WIDOW OF THE IMPORTANT MAN OUR TEACHER, OUR RABBI REB’ SHMUEL ZEVITKER OF BLESSED MEMORY. THAT WAS THE SUPPORTED OF THE FOUR LANDS AND FROM THE DAUGHTER OF THE SUPPORTING RABBI LEIB BOOKY OF BLESSED MEMORY FROM THE HOLY COMMUNITY OF FRANKFURT ADAR”. Shmuel Zevitker was a Polish Jewish activist and philanthropist. Born near Warsaw in 1740, he died in 1800. He arrived in Warsaw in 1757 as a supplier to the Polish army. He was a giant in the trade and industry of the city. At the time, a section of the city was called “Shmulovidna” in his honor. He worked very closely with the Polish authorities. He personally received the right to build a synagogue and cemetery in Warsaw and was appointed, in 1773, the Francie Council of Four Lands. During the rebellion Kotz’isko in 1794, he fled with the Russian army. It was documented that he gave the Cossacks gold rubles for every person they gave him alive and he personally saved hundreds of people, Jews and Christians, from death during the conquest of Praga by the Russians. Engraved on his tombstone: “One of generous people, dedicated to God’s name there with him”. 6.8” tall. Marked Rainburg and 12.