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(Tehillim). Three editions. 1. Sefer Tehillim. Arranged according...

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(Tehillim). Three editions. 1. Sefer Tehillim. Arranged according to the days of the week. Vienna, Anton Schmid,1817. Bound with Seder Ha-Ma’amadoth. Vienna, Anton Schmid,1812. 16mo. Modern boards. 2. Sefer Ha-Magid. Kethuvim Part V. Tehillim and Mishlei. With Targum Yonathan Ben Uziel, Rashi, Metzudath David and Metzudath Zion plus Yiddish translation. Kopust, 1818. Printed on green paper. Lacking the final leaf of Mishlei. Title repaired affecting some words, front cover detached. Later boards. Large 4to. 3. Tehillim with Ma’amadoth withYiddish translation. Vilna, Romm, 1858. Lacking final two leaves of Ma’amadoth.Modern boards. Small folio.