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(Collection of Assorted Works). A collection of twenty...

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(Collection of Assorted Works). A collection of twenty three (23) books on various topics. Including: Eight (8) Machzorim and prayer books printed in Rodelheim,Krotoschin and other places; four(4) Hagadoth; Haskalah, six volumes – including works by Moses Mendelsohn, Wolf Heidenheim, Hebrew Grammar by Moses Stuart, Andover,1823, Bikurei Haitim, Vienna, 1823 and 1828; Talmudic literature, five (5) volumes – including Mishnayoth Taharoth with commentary of R. Akiva Eiger, Altona, 1853. First edition of commentary; Plus various Talmudic tractates Prague, 1841,1843; Lemberg 1914,1917.