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(Marginal notes - Talmud). Masechta Eiruvin. Lemberg, Menkes,...

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(Marginal notes – Talmud). Masechta Eiruvin. Lemberg, Menkes, 1862. Cloth covers with name of previous owner written on front cover (Harav … Hagaon … R. Pinchas Borstein in Szeret). With extensive interesting, scholarly marginal notes by Rabbi Bornstein throughout the tractate including the halachic and aggadic commentaries of the Maharsha and Chochmath Shlomo. The writer R. Pinchas Borstein, originally from Galicia, was the Rabbi of Szeret at the turn of the century. See Otzar Harabanim no. 16884 where he is described as a famous Rabbi and Gaon. Plus additional inscriptions on front flyleaf.