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Talmud Bavli. Complete set bound in Nineteeneen (19) volumes. Published in Amsterdam, Emmanuel Benveniste, 1644-47. No. 1.- Berachoth and Zeraim. No 2. Shabbat. No. 3 Eiruvin. No. 4. Pesachim, Sukkah. No. 5. Chagigah, Beitzah, Moed Katan and Rosh Hashanah. No. 6. Yoma,Taanith, Shekalim, Megillah. No. 7. Baba Kama, Baba Metziah. No 8. Baba Bathra, Makkoth. No. 9. Sanhedrin, Shavuoth, Avodah Zarah. No. 10. Yevamoth. No.11. Kethuvoth. No.12. Nedarim, Nazir. No. 13. Gittin, Sotah. No. 14 Kiddushin, Avoth De-Rebbe Nathan,Soferim,Semachoth, Kallah, Derech Eretz, Avoth,Shemoneh Perakim, Horiyoth, Ediyoth. No.15. Zevachim. No. 16. Menachoth, Bechoroth No. 17. Chulin. !8. Erchin, Meilah, Kinim, Tamid, Midoth, Kerithoth, Temurah. No. 19. Niddah, Seder Taharoth. With signature of previous owner. Fine gilt vellum binding with gilt edges. For some reason, the binder numbered the volumes of Nezikin (no. 7 – no. 9) before Nashim (no. 10- no. 14). The Amsterdam Talmud was famed for its accuracy and sought after by scholars and collectors. It was known as the Talmud of the wealthy as opposed to other editions of lesser quality.