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A RARE AND IMPORTANT ZIONIST RELATED CIGARETTE BOX. Russia, 1902. Engraved in Hebrew “A REMEMBRANCE FOREVER, TO OUR RABBI/LEADER THE HONORABLE, WISE, TRUTHFUL RABBI SAMUEL JACOB RABINOWITZ SHLITA. GIVEN WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FROM ADATH JESHURUN IN SAPOZKIN ON THE EVE OF THE HOLIDAY OF THE FIRST BORN 1904”. Rabbi Shmuel Yakov Rabinowitz was an early Religious Zionist leader and a founder of the Mizrachi movement. Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz was born in Chelm in 1857. He became a rabbi in Jevye in 1887 and was called the same year to Alexoty. He was the co-founder of the Mizrachi World Movement of Religious Zionists in 1902, and was elected president of the British Mizrachi organisation at its first conference in 1918. He was appointed rabbi of the Liverpool congregation in 1906. Dr Rabinowitz also played an important role as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the Liverpool Shechita Board. Dr. Rabinowitz was also President of the Liverpool Talmud Torah Schools, Chairman of the Merseyside Mizrachi Society and had involvement in various Jewish education organizations. Published works including Ha’dath V’Halumiuth , a collection of essays (Warsaw, 1900); Lit’kufath Ha’yamim , expositions of Halakhah and dialectical addresses (1917); M’nuhath Shabbath , published by Liverpool Mizrachi (1919); The letter and the spirit, Na’aseh V’nishma , a paraphrase from the Hebrew by Revd J.Raffalovitch and Betram B.Benas, reprinted from the Jewish Chronicle , 1920; Yashresh Ya’akov (1924). Manuscript notes for publications, including dialectical addresses on Baba Kamma, Baba Metsia, Baba Bathra, Kiddushin, Shabbath, Horioth and Hullin, and homiletical addresses on Arba’ah Bonim, Ma’aseh Nissim, S’huth Aboth, Ez Hadath, Hesed Umishpat, and notes on ‘Drishat Zion’ of Mohilever. Other papers including divorce documents; sale of Hametz documents, a letter from Dayan S.Hillman to M.Raffalovitch of Liverpool, 1921; an illuminated address presented to Rabbi Rabinovitz by his friends and admirers of Krono on his taking up his rabbinical appointment at Sapatskin in 1900; a presentation address to Rabbi Rabinovitz by the Liverpool Jewish community on the completion of thirty years of rabbinical service, and a souvenir programme of the presentation, 26 Dec 1917. 5″ wide.