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336. Torah, Neviim, Kesuvim with Yiddish translation by Yehoash. New York, 1958 THE SEDER PLATE COLLECTION OF JOANNA S. ROSE (1930–2021) Although she never considered herself to be a Collector, to the rest of the world the multifaceted collections that Joanna Semel Rose assembled and curated for over 70 years are legendary. They included early American patchwork quilts (memorialized in the historic “Infinite Variety” exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory on the occasion of her 80th birthday), antique scrimshaw carvings, Louis Vuitton steamer trunks, historic cookbooks, pre Columbian art, Christian LaCroix couture, Judith Lieber minaudières, and, most prominently, Judaica. Joanna Semel was raised in a Conservative Jewish home where Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations served both as mileposts for family life and the spiritual center of a close nuclear and extended family. When she married Daniel Rose in 1956, his sole request was that the first night of Passover each year be celebrated with his family, and the second night with hers. Thus began a dual family tradition that has continued into the 21st century. Passover, for Joanna S. Rose, embodied the core of the lived Jewish experience: history, freedom, celebration, reverence…and family. As a lover of art, books, and Passover, she believed that the 21st century deserved a signature, hand