81. An Exceptional Gilded Burial Society Covered Beaker

Augsburg, c. 1710. The body covered with ten circles, each containing a member’s name of the society. The names include: Moshe, son of Rabbi Shmuel, Zalman, son of Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Meir, son of Rabbi Yitzchak, Shimon, son of Rabbi Yissachar, Rabbi Moshe, son of Rabbi Alexander, Rabbi Zalman, son of Rabbi Fish, Rabbi Chaim, son of Rabbi Leib, Rabbi Isaac, son of Rabbi Chaim, and Rabbi Meir, son of Rabbi Yozel. In addition, there is an inscription along the upper rim with two more names: Rabbi Aaron, son of Fish and Yosef Gabriel, son of Ahron. Pictured prominently in Jay Weinstein’s book, “A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO JUDAICA”. 5.6” tall.

Sold for $75,000