80. An Exceptional Gilded Silver Kiddush Goblet And Passover Goblet By Johann Mittnacht (1706 – 1758)

Augsburg, 1740. Each on a stylized base with a baluster shaped stem. The upper octagonal wine section skillfully engraved with period design. The kiddush cup is engraved in Hebrew: “REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO IT’S HOLINESS IN THE YEAR 1740, SANCTIFY THE SABBATH DAY TO ITS HOLINESS AS COMMANDED BY THE LORD, YOUR G-D.” The Passover goblet is engraved in Hebrew: “ AND I HAVE TAKEN YOU OUT FROM UNDER THE OPPRESSION OF EGYPT AND I EMANCIPATED YOU WITH AN OUTSTRETCHED ARM AND GREAT JUDGEMENTS, AND I TOOK YOU FROM MYSELF AS A NATION AND YOU DRINK THE FOUR CUPS ON PASSOVER 1740”. 5.8” tall each.

Estimate: $60,000 – $80,000