126. A Large And Magnificent Pair of Silver Tefillin Cases

Poland, c. 1840. Sharply engraved with emblematic scenes. One base engraved with the doors of the tabernacle flanked by moshe and aaron and the other with isaac and rebecca and appropriately engraved: “and isaac went to mediate in the field (genesis 24:24)”. The sides of the shel yad (for hand) are engraved with four additional scenes. The first shows a double headed eagle guarding her young and is engraved: “as an eagle stirs up her nest fluttering over her young (deuteronomy 32:11)”. The second shows a person being lowered from a boat into the depths of the ocean and is engraved: “they go down to the depths of great waters and search there, they will relate the wonders of the lord with joy (psalm 107:23). The third shows the scene of the nation of israel leaving egypt and is engraved: “that you may remember the day that you came from egypt (deuteronomy 16:3)”. The fourth side of the shel yad shows a dove on a well next to a flowering tree and is engraved: “the wings of the dove were covered in silver”. The sides of the shel rosh (for head) and decorated with four additional scenes. The first shows a boat casting an anchor and is engraved: “those who went down in the sea in ships, saw the wonders of the lord (psalms 107:23/24)”. The second scene shows a small house, a tree and a well. The third side shows a large sea creature and an eagle eating a large sea serpent. The fourth side shows a finely engraves swan walking through the brushes. 3.4” wide.

Sold for $36,250.00