124. An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Silver Candlesticks

Breslau (wrocaw, poland), ca. 1746-1758. Possibly by Johann Gottlieb Schmidt. On a wide base. A dedication from 1813 is engraved on the bases: “donated by r. Shlomo, rabbi of our community of rawicz / with his wife the rebbetzin miriam 5573 [1813]”.r. Shlomo hertzfeld, rabbi of rawicz, was son of r. Shlomo dov and grandson of the author of pnei yehoshua (his father, r. Shlomo dov was the son-in law of the pnei yehoshua). He died childless in iyar 1813 and was succeeded in the rabbinate by his brother r. Aharon yehoshua eliyahu hertzfeld. 8.2” tall. Breaks and old repairs. Bends and stains.

Sold for $18,750.00