A STERLING SILVER AND BRASS ARON KODESH. Probably Israel, c. 1980. Hand chased flowing decoration applied with pins on brass base. The front doors are embossed with grapevine designs, wheat engraving, and pomegranate designs. With applied Hebrew letters “C(rown) of the T(orah).” The sides are embossed with similar design. Upper portion shows two lions flanking a crown with their upper extremities resting on a plaque which is engraved in Hebrew “AND THIS IS THE TORAH THAT MOSES PLACED IN FRONT OF THE CONGREGATION OF ISRAEL”. The backplate is engraved and applied with a Temple style menorah covered with Hebrew blessings and other quotes from Scripture. Topped with four silver crowns. Doors open to reveal applied brass plaques with Hebrew prayers for the removal of the Torah. The back of the ark with Hebrew cut out applied letters for the epithet “FROM ZION, TORAH EMERGES AND THE WORD OF THE LORD FROM JERUSALEM.” 18” tall. With the original wood stage.
Sold for $11,250